How do I see my character count with spaces?

To view character count with spaces, click the "View Character Count" button, then check off "Include spaces".

How do I resize the text box?

To resize the text box, grab the bottom right corner and drag up or down. There are 3 small lines there to indicate the grab point.

What is word count?

Word count is the number of words in a piece of writing. Word counts are primarily used to set a standard for a piece such as 2,000 words for a blog post or 1,000 words for a research essay in a class.

About This Tool

The Purpose

The purpose of this tool is to help you quickly get a word or character count for your text. No frustrating logins or signups required.

Why is word count important?

Having the proper word count for the text's purpose is key to provide enough information to the reader without overwhelming them.

Someone reading a textbook will expect far more words than someone reading an Instagram caption.